The Dark Era of Misinformation is Back, and This Time it is Hitting hard

The Dark Era of Misinformation is Back, and This Time it is Hitting hard


Even in the world of digitalization, there is a ton of misinformation laying around in society. At some point, it seems like people can’t just get past their faiths and beliefs. Take AIDS, for example. It has already been more than four decades since AIDS symptoms were first seen in the United States. But, people with stigma for HIV-positive persists, and this is taking the shape of a huge epidemic. While we put forward our faith in the younger generation, it seems they are the ones causing thee troubles.

A recent survey has shown that about 28% of the HIV-negative population has shown avoidance reading hugging, shaking hands, and even talking to the HIV-positive people. And which group of people falls under this population? Indeed our younger generation within the age bar of 18-36 years. While we all know that HIV can only be transmitted through direct contact with body fluids like blood or semen, there is no reason to avoid talking with the people affected by the virus. Psychologists are pointing this towards the stigma that our society has gained recently.

In the world of the internet, how one can get HIV is no secret anymore. Then, the probable explanation of such prejudice has directly to do with our thought processes. It is time to change our thinking and work towards social marketing. Media has made America hate smoking; the same can also be done to bring forth compassion and love into our hearts. There is no reason to fear people with AIDS. They are already frightened by their condition. Instead of passing foul comments, we should provide compassion and empathy towards these people. People should be made aware, the importance of life no matter how insignificant it might seem for others. Instead of mocking people with HIV-positive, we should encourage them to live happily no matter what.

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