Pfizer Says Third Vaccine Dose Increases Antibody Levels, Provides Strong Protection Against Covid Delta Variant


There have been talks about the third dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. However, no concrete evidence is available yet to suggest that a third dose is needed. Pfizer has even said that it will seek FDA permission for the third dose of its vaccine. The US-based pharmaceutical major has now said that its third dose provides strong protection against the Delta variant. The development has come amidst rapidly rising cases of Delta variants worldwide including in the US. It said that the additional dose boosts the immunity level to protect against the variant. Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine is currently being administered in two doses. The company said that high antibody levels were found in those taking a third dose of the vaccine. The study involved people from 18 to 55 years of age.

The participants were given a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Antibody levels in them increased by fivefold after the third booster dose. It said that taking a third dose after vaccination has the potential to boost the protection level against the Delta variant. Therefore, it is important to take the shot when protection begins to wane. It suggested that the third dose should be given within 12 months. Among the 65 to 85 age group, the third dose of the Pfizer vaccine developed even greater protection. It increases antibody level elevenfold compared to a second dose. Pfizer’s findings come at a time when reports say that total antibody levels produced by the vaccine start declining after six weeks of two doses. It can reduce by more than 50 percent over two to three months.

Meanwhile, the CDC has recommended that fully vaccinated people should resume wearing masks. The CDC had three months ago said that fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear masks. The change in the mask mandate comes amidst rising cases of delta variant. The variant was first reported in India. It is highly transmissible and requires immediate and heavy medication. It also increases the duration of a patient’s stay in the hospital. The CDC appealed that people should take vaccines at the earliest to cut the risk of severity. Also, vaccinated people have been asked to get tested if they have any Covid 19 if they were exposed to someone infected. The Delta variant is capable of causing infection to those who are vaccinated. The US is the worst-hit country by the pandemic.

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