microsoft corporation won't issue xbox exclusives on competitor platforms

Microsoft Corporation won’t issue Xbox exclusives on competitor platforms


Microsoft Corporation is one of the multinational technology company. The company is engaged in developing, manufacturing, licenses, supports and selling computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and other related services. The company has crushed the dreams of those who have been wanting to play Forza, Halo, and any other first-party Xbox game on the PS4 or the Switch. The company has no plans to create exclusive Xbox available on competitor platforms in the coming years. The company representative has expressed in a report. Redmond might have gotten some fans’ expectations when it free Cuphead for the Nintendo Switch. Though a representative told the publication which was never an exclusive Xbox IP announced Ori and the Blind Forest for the same platform. Unfortunately, it does not sound similar that list drive grows any longer.

Microsoft is expecting to create its game IPs available on other devices through the cloud, its forthcoming game streaming service. If other enterprises welcome the presence of a cloud application for consoles, then subscribers drive to show the service’s existing games even if they do not have an Xbox. If in case you are questioning about the future of the small studios the tech giant recently acquired to develop a share of the Xbox division, it is statement promises fans that they will remain working on the games they are making for other platforms. It is just that they will concentration on developing Xbox titles going forward. That means no non-Xbox games from the creators such as Obsidian and Double Fine.

According to reports Microsoft said in the statement, the past year has been an exciting time for us as the company has doubled the internal creative teams manufacture up Xbox Game Studios. These new studios transitioned in, and some present commitments to other platforms and will honor them. Though going forward, these new studios will effort into making games for our platforms. The company has no plans to expand exclusive party games to other consoles.

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