Jerry Jones maintain his faith on Jason Garrett the Cowboys lose to the Bills

Jerry Jones maintain his faith on Jason Garrett the Cowboys lose to the Bills


Jerry Jones still trusts that the Dallas Cowboys can get in the playoffs. He even alluded Super Bowl after yet another loss. The Cowboys always lead the NFC East after a 26-15 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Thanksgiving Day, and Jason Garrett is their coach still. Jerry Jones stated that he is looking ahead at another ball game. He is looking forward to winning four of five straight and helping write a story they will discuss, how it looks like. He also added that he meant it, and that is the way he is operating. Every decision that he makes over the next month will be with an eye in mind to get in the Super Bowl. While overtly still disappointed and emotional, Jones had tears after departing the locker room from which the imbricated shouts of players could be heard. It was a far diverse mode than when the owner accursed the coaching staff after a 19-9 loss at New England.

After another loss after four days, Jones instead stated that he was not going to panic and was looking for some ways to help out the team. He said that one of the groups is not a coaching change, and one of them is not reworking the guilt. Those are not alternatives for his team to be ready to play over the next month and provide the team with a scope to be what they wanted to be. Jones believes that some games can turn out otherwise if the Cowboys stay sound and others have teams do not, and all of a sudden, they start jelling, and they start getting turnovers. Dallas plays in Chicago and has games left in opposition to the Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia, and Washington.

The Cowboys have not smitten a team with a winning record. The Cowboys are 3-6 since opening the season with three sequent wins, all over the team that presently have two wins each, in what is the final year of Garretts’s contract. Some fans were heard during the game chatting Fire Garrett, and others held signs revealing their worriment. There were a lot of vacant seats by the time Dallas scored a late touchdown in its fourth Thanksgiving loss by double figures in the past six years.

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