car manufacturers want to make more effective cars by following california's air regulations

Car Manufacturers want to make more effective cars by following California’s air regulations


The US President Donald Trump is upset that the BMW, Ford, Volkswagen, and Honda got a contract with California in order to decrease the number of pollutants released by new cars developed by them. The contract contradicts one of the keystone’s efforts for administration. An effort to renovate standards which are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Trump called some other automakers such as Toyota, General Motors, and Fiat Chrysler to the White House in order to pressure them to follow the plan of management.

Trump tries to avoid many other automakers from connecting to the California business. According to the new agreement with California keeps four automakers to a standard which is same as Obama’s EPA set. The automakers need to reduce emissions level from their newly develop cars by 2026, which makes new vehicles more fuel-efficient. Many other states follow air regulations set by California. If the Trump administration is able to adopt federal standards with lower standards, then it is possible to drive the market. Mercedes-Benz is a next car manufacturer who is going to join the contract with California business.

The Trump administration’s law will be restricting rising fuel effectiveness standards at 2020 levels and not extended by automakers to the final goal, which is more than its average fuel economy. The government made its proposal according to the high Obama-era standards that will develop new cars which are more expensive than previous cars and push customers to buy older or second-hand cars or stick with the ones which they previously buy. But the older cars are generally less efficient, and they do not have the essential safety features as compared to the new ones. According to Trump administration restructuring of cars are too costly, by not everybody agrees for this statement. Trump says that he will provide an average price of a car by politically correct automakers, which are more than US$ 3,000, along with the significant safer features have less impact on the environment.

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