Apple’s Flagship iPhone coming In 2021 Will Not Have Ports Says the New Report

Apple’s Flagship iPhone coming In 2021 Will Not Have Ports Says the New Report


Apple is a company that never ceases to amaze the users with its ongoing innovations. It has taken some daring moves in its history, inviting widespread criticism and skepticism, but later the skeptics ended up following the brand! It was the same with the introduction of the touch display, which redefined the concept of smartphones and evading USB port at a time when using typical USB ports was the norm. Now, the latest report says Apple is again going to take a drastic step. The Cupertino based tech juggernaut will reportedly launch the next generation iPhones without any ports! This may sound as weird and unrealistic to some people, but hardcore Apple fans will not be perturbed much.

The news comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, a noted Apple analyst. The report says one of the 2021 iPhone models will come sans any port. Wireless charging is no longer a new thing in the smartphone sector with several android phones sporting the technology. However, no company has yet come up with port fewer devices so far. Many Apple devices use the USB C Port, which is now widely used in various types of gadgets. It is still not clear how the port less iPhone will function. It is not only about wireless charging, but the users need to use it for music and other needs. The price of the device is not clear, but it will be a high-end device, and the price tag will be steep, much like the present lineup of iPhones. If Apple pulls off the feat, there is no doubt the Android rivals will follow suit.

Kuo has also said that the company is planning to unveil a successor to the iPhone SE, which is to date the most affordable version of the flagship Smartphone. He is of the view the iPhone SE 2 may get a 2020 launch date though nothing is confirmed by the company yet. It may also get a plus version with the larger display, but that will not be released until 2021, as per the views of Kuo.

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