air pollution below permissible limits of air quality could also be harmful

Air pollution below permissible limits of air quality could also be harmful


A recent study conducted over 30 years in 652 cities found that even within the permissible limit of air quality it may harm humans. Rising air pollution is associated with increasing deaths. A study was published in New England Journal of Medicine which was one of the most significant to evaluate short term impact of pollution on deaths. The number of deaths due to inhaling particulate matter has increased for past 3 decades. Pollutants could be in the form of dirt, dust, soot, etc. there are several major contributors to this air pollution such as thermal power plants, construction sites, etc.

A professor from the Queen Mary University of London stated people are dying faster due to alarming levels of air pollution. Also, he added these deaths are avoidable. It is very concerning that deaths related to air pollution occur at levels below international pollution limits. Another study suggested that exposure to air pollution for long periods is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes daily. It could also cause emphysema. Alarming levels of air pollution increases risk of heart diseases, lung cancer, acute respiratory diseases, etc. in the year 2011; there were more than 100 thousand premature deaths in US itself.

Since Trump has come into power pollution guidelines have loosened. Recent guidelines by trump administrations to states would allow emitting 43% more pollution. The number of unhealthy days has increased, as reported by environmental protection agency since trump has been into the house. When the level of air pollution is high enough to be dangerous to elderly or kids or people with lung problems then it is termed as unhealthy air day. After years of reduction in pollution, carbon emission is rising sharply since last couple of years. Carbon emission is a major factor in climate change.

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